Kubota L3901

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For decades, the Kubota Standard Series L01 has provided small property owners with the durability and versatility to tackle any job at an affordable price. The Standard L01 Series continues this reputation and takes power and reliability to new heights. Designed with you in mind, the Standard L01 series is built to last and provide you with the quality and longevity you deserve. This series includes the Kubota L3901.


The Kubota L3901 is a Standard L series 2WD or 4WD compact utility tractor (L3901DT). This tractor has been manufactured by Kubota since 2014. The Kubota L3901 is equipped with a 1.8L three cylinder diesel engine and a of the two transmissions: gearshift transmission with 8 forward and 8 reverse gears or hydrostatic transmission (HST) with infinite forward and reverse (3 ranges).

The Kubota L3901 compact utility tractor uses the Kubota D1803 engine. This is a 1.8L, 1,826 cm2 (111.4 cu-in) naturally aspirated three-cylinder diesel engine with 87.0 mm (3.43 in) cylinder bore and 102.4 mm (4 .03 in) of piston stroke. This engine produces 38.0 PS (28.0 kW; 37.5 HP) of gross power or 32.5 PS (23.9 KW; 32.0 HP) of power output from the PTO for the version with manual transmission and 31 CV (22.8 KW; 30.6 HP) for the HST version.

The Kubota L3901 is equipped with integral-type power steering, wet disc brakes, open cockpit with two-post ROPS, and 42.0 liter (11.1 US gal, 9.2 imp gal fuel tank).



  • Best-Selling Compact Tractor Brand: There’s a reason Kubota has been the best-selling compact tractor brand for over a decade. The quality of Kubota, and the reputation of the standard L01 series is known in all circles, whether they are homeowners, rental yards or contractors.
  • Multiple Model Options to Suit Your Needs: Kubota understands that not all customer needs are the same. With this in mind, Kubota offers multiple options for customers across the standard L01 Series lineup.
  • Kubota Diesel Engine: Due to our reputation for reliability and performance, Kubota is the world’s number one manufacturer of multi-cylinder diesel engines under 100hp. The standard L01 series is equipped with the Kubota diesel engine.
  • Kubota Drive Options: Kubota is proud to design and manufacture the Standard L01 Series powertrain so you can be assured of product quality. The standard L01 series offers two Kubota-built transmission options on all four power models.
  • Steel chassis and cast iron front axle built by Kubota.
  • Comfort for the operator: Simplicity and comfort are key, especially during long working hours. The Standard L01 series is designed to be easy to use with an ergonomic layout of the controls, while providing the necessary comfort.
  • Kubota-Like Performance Front Loader: Kubota front loaders are built by Kubota and specifically designed to maximize front loader and tractor performance.
  • High-performance backhoe loader made by Kubota: High-performance backhoes are built by Kubota and specifically designed to match the performance of the tractor. Backhoes are ideal for excavation applications such as trenching or landscaping.
  • Heavy-duty 3-point hitch: With a heavy-duty 3-point hitch, Kubota’s standard L01 series tackles tough applications with pulling performance you can trust. The standard L01 series is equipped with a large capacity hydraulic cylinder and pump that allow powerful lifting capacity for a wider variety of attachments.
  • Built for the long term: The value of the Standard L01 Series; Affordability refers not only to the purchase of the tractor in advance, but is designed for the long term. Kubota is known for its reliability, quality and durability and Standard L01 series is built to withstand heavy loads and all the potential wear and tear over the years. Standard L01 series is designed to minimize maintenance with durable steel chassis, Kubota diesel engine its world-renowned, its hydraulic hoses protected and pairing with high performance tools.
  • Maintenance uncomplicated: Along with a durable frame and elements routine check easily accessible, routine maintenance Standard Series L01 is simple.



If you look around your small property and comes up with a task that needs to be done, there is a Kubota Series L ready to do the job. We found that most of our customers are looking for a compact tractor that can help them: hunting land clearing, mowing large areas efficiently, do landscaping, beautifying gardens and larger plots and pursue their passions and hobby farmers. Not sure what you want to do exactly? We are happy to listen and make sure your L Series works exactly as you need.

Kubota L3901 reviews

I have seen many detailed reviews on all kinds of products covering everything from A to Z. This will not be one of those lol. I had my L3901 with charger, Land Pride 1860 Rotary Cutter, and Box Scraper. I only put 40 hours on the clock so far. Between work, family and the autistic child, I do not have much time working as I would like. However, looking back over the past five months everything I have achieved with this tractor is remarkable. Re leveled 1/2 mile road, grabbing weeds, skidding dozens of wood poles, firewood, clearing land, keeping two miles of trails, all in 40 hours? I love this tractor every day more than the day before. High power, stable, smooth and comfortable. five stars.

I agree, I love my L3901, and if you think you’ve done a lot with just 40 hours, think about what you’ve accomplished with 134 hours. He had 19 acres of wild forest (1 acre was cleared for the house, the yard and the unit) and only left me 6 acres for pasture.

In the search for a suitable tractor, one of the models that I recommend is the Kubota L3901. With combined power and utility, ideal for hard work without worrying about spoilage. For its combination of versatility, durability and comfort, you get the value of your money and more.

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